Friday, July 13, 2012

Thinking Back - Looking Ahead

This next Sunday, David will have the privilege of speaking at the Lebanon, Ohio Countryside Church of the Nazarene.  I have had a sneak preview of his message for Sunday because I get to create the powerpoint for it.  He also asked me to show a video that we have had on our blog a couple of years ago.

Watching it this AM made me homesick for the beautiful people there.  LAMb's work is growing and making an impact in child, one family, one social worker at a time.  In July, a number of new exciting things will be hapenning, which I willl share later.

We return the first week of September for a three week, very full training schedule. We will be working with orphanage caregivers and social workers on understanding the needs of the traumatized child in their care.  We so appreciate your checking in on this blog from time to time. 

A Memory Moment

Here is the video we will be showing brings back so many memories.

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