Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Leaving for Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan

In just a few hours, David and I again have the privilege of spending time with some incredible people in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.  Over this weekend, we will be participating in a national adoption conference in Kiev as part of the partnership between LAMb International and CBN Ukraine.  We have been told that there will be over 200 adoptive parents there. What an opportunity and one we don't take for granted.

On Monday, David and I will part ways as I return to the US and David continues on with Lynn and Ruby for a couple of weeks in Kyrgyzstan. David is chairman of the Board of Trustees for the International University of Central Asia, the new university started by Mercy Foundation. It is so exciting to see how this wonderful university is growing and sending out quality young people.  I hear from the Lynn and Ruby that there is exciting news about our work in Kyrgyzstan, but I won't know for a week what it is!

LAMb ( Lynn and Ruby) have been doing some amazing work on a national scale in Ukraine. Please visit their blog: 

The Wrights are heading back to Kyrygzstan early next week. Visit their blog at   Bekah and Emma are already there.

On a personal note:  As we are transitioning to this new stage in our lives, we moved from our Lebanon, Ohio home to a temporary apartment in the Springboro area. After seeking God's direction as to where we should replant ourselves, we have purchased a little home in the Kettering area.  We move into it in early April. David leaves our apartment today and comes home to our new home.  Our new place is centrally located to the four churches that David serves as a counseling pastor.

Thank you for all your encouragement and support....

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