Thursday, March 8, 2012

Adoption - Foster Rx: Solutions for Wounded Families

The vision began over a year ago.  Today culminated over a year's worth of planning and praying. 

In December of 2010, David and I received a surprising phone call. It was from Terry Meeuwsen of The 700 Club.  She had just finished reading our book, Wounded Children, Healing Homes. She wanted to know if we would come to Virginia Beach to discuss a vision they had.  We came and listened to her dream to create a DVD teaching series to encourage adoptive and foster parents. 

Over the last 14 months, we can been working together with her staff to bring together key folks that could speak into the hearts of families struggling with parenting children with a difficult history. It will be entitled Adoption - Foster Rx: Solutions for Wounded Families. Joining us on this project is Dr. Karyn Purvis, Dr. Wendy Flowers and Michael and Amy Monroe of Tapestry Ministries in Dallas.  Over the last three weeks, those folks have been at CBN to film their contributions. Yesterday and today was our turn.

One of the highlights of our time here was to meet such incredible people - those behind the scenes, the ones who make projects like these come to life.  Thank you - Christina, Shirl, Sherry, Alexis, Cindy, Tonya, Pete and the entire camera crew. They were so gracious,encouraging and supportive to us.

We are so humbled and appreciative of the opportunity to share in this project. Here are a few pictures from our adventure.  
Tonya doing David's make-up....a first for him!

The finished product

                                         Wednesday - talking before the shooting begins

                                                                A wide angle shot of yesterday

                           Today - shooting the final segment - parenting your adopted young adult

Over the next few weeks, the Orphan's Promise video team will be finalizing the DVD series. It will be released at the Christian Alliance for Orphan's Summit in May.  It is our hope and prayer that this effort will strengthen adoptive and foster families and enable them to be all  they need to be for their wounded children.  It is our understanding that they intend to distribute this worldwide and the proceeds from it will go to CBN's Orphan's Promise ministry, which is in 53 countries.

We simple and humbly say, Thank you Lord for this privilege.

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Karen said...

So excited for this!! You look lovely and I love the set!