Thursday, August 18, 2011

Emergency Need in Ukraine

One of our local churches, Living Hope, has been "captured" by the passion and call of orphan ministry. They actively support an orphanage in Ukraine, its children, communicate with them and just recently completed two trips to support them with renovation needs. Just this morning, we received this urgent request from their pastor, Chad Current:

Please pray with me for a financial miracle in two weeks.

The present children’s center is out of room (which is why we are working with them to get the new one finished), so three families have become foster home families for new orphans under World Light Foundation. One family has a one room apartment and took in three orphans (story is awful…they have been through so much). While we were the three orphan girls they have in their home accepted Christ. The government told them that their apartment is too small to continue housing the three orphans. The state said if they do not find a new place in two weeks it will mean the three orphans will be taken to a state orphanage—friends, that is bad and scary news—the state orphanages are not safe places. Can you pray with me that God will send them $8000 US dollars so they can purchase a home in town that will allow them to keep the orphans?

Think about that…for just $8000 they can purchase a home along with the sale of their apartment which they own. Kimbelry and I are willing to send $1000. So, now we need to pray for $7000 in two weeks. All I am asking of you, is that you pray with me for this need. “For nothing is impossible with God!”

For more information about how you might help, please contact Chad at  or his phone - 937-602-4787. 

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