Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today – A Day of Ministry in Many Places

For a number of months, the team from Dayspring Church in Beavercreek, Ohio has been praying about and preparing for today – the Men’s and Women’s Conference. Lynn, Ken Day, Randy Gebele, and David went one direction and Ruby, Jackie Day, Kim Gebele and I went another.

Twenty-nine women from two different churches attended the daylong conference, held in the conference room of Dayspring Family Resource Center. This was a first. Following the morning of different speakers, the ladies finished the day with a wonderful lunch, prepared for by Arugula, a woman (and family) who has experienced much healing and restoration.

Here’s a glimpse of the day…

Ruby opens the session with prayer and song.

 Julie spoke on our identify in Christ.

My topic was taken from Cynthia Herald's awesome study on "Becoming a Woman of Simpliticity."

Kim Gebele, Ruby's daughter shared from the Beatitudes.
Jackie Day, pastor's wife from Beavercreek, talked to the women on Proverbs 31.
After shopping for some more furniture to complete Dayspring, this evening the entire team of LAMb, our guest team, and intreptors went to the Iskra Home for Invalid men. Ken played the key board and sang, and the men watched Max Lacado’s short video – You’re Special, translated into Russian. HOWEVER, before the serious stuff, we had some fun with the men.

 As a fun warm-up with the men, this motley crew...Ruby, John, Kayat and David are leading "Head, Shoulders, Knee's and Toes....etc.....

 That is one way to teach English.....the next song was ....I let you guess.............yes, you are right..."Put your right foot in, etc...."  We went there to simply have fun with these men and let them have an evening of laughter.

    Ruby and Natalia explain what's ahead for the evening.
The men await what's next.

Ken Day lead the group in worship and although these men couldn't understand the words, many of them understood the Spirit.             

David prayers for the men before ice cream and the movie. 

We experienced a lot today meeting many new people and greeting ones we have known for awhile. It is late here and we are preparing to end the day. Tomorrow, David will be preaching at the Chinese Church as the rest of the team ministers in another...the journey continues...

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