Tuesday, August 3, 2010

With Eager Hearts We Long to Return

The precious people of Kyrgyzstan are never far from our thoughts and prayers, especially since the uprising in June that devastated the major city of Osh.  We hear reports of hundreds of thousands of people displaced. We hear many are attempting to survive in their burned out homes with cold weather just two months away.

We know that our small organization, LAMb International, cannot impact that large scale of need, but we can do what we can do.  The Wrights will return August 10th, we hope to return September 11th and Lynn and Ruby will be there a week later.  We talk regularly about the humanitarian crisis there.  It is very real to us because we know the people. We have seen the faces of the elderly and children caught in the middle. We may not know their names, but we know them. 

Just last night, David prayed specifically for resources...not for us to consume, but for us to use in assisting the needs of children, families and the elderly as God calls us to stop for the one He places in front of us.

Lynn and Ruby, our team founders, created a video depiciting the ravages of the war. When you see this, you will understand why we feel as we do and why we long to get back there and get our hands dirtier than ever.

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