Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's In Store for the Two Weeks That Remain

We cannot believe that we are down to our last two weeks here. We just returned from having dinner with our friend and team member, Natalia and we planned the activities for this week. Here is what is ahead, but as we always say here - we must be flexible!

  • We go to the Senior's home in Kemin to help plan a luncheon for the local churches and government administrations in the area.  The family managing the home does so, without pay and with little or no help and we thought it would be a good and fun idea to reach out to the community, get the word out about this life-saving facility and encourage volunteers to come to do a variety of things. The luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, May 19th. This luncheon is being made possible through the gifts of our friends and partners. We trust that this time will encourage those in the community to share in this vital service.
Tonya and her husband and three sons basically manage the health care needs, nutrional needs, emotional and spiritual needs of 14 elderly people, who would have been homeless without their intervention.
  • In the afternoon, we will drop in with a visit with Larissa, who has a Bible ministry at the home for invalid men. Lynn and Ruby left Bibles and other booklets with us to take out to the men and Larrisa will deliver those wonderful resources. Just last week, we visited the invalid home of about 250 men and took fruit and vegetables and treats to them. This also was supported by friends back home.
God has called this selfless woman to the ministry at the home for invalid men. Once a dark place, the light of God's love has been brought there by Larissa, and through the work of LAMb International and John Wright's group, Possibilities International

  • Following our visit with Larisa, we will come back for an afternoon meeting at the University with the journalism staff. After Thursday, I want to blog all about these dynamic students. I plan to share the picture of all of them in their journalism shirts, which be given to them on the last day of class. These gifts made possible by the gifts of others, is an enormous blessing to these young people.

  • Because of the sponsorship of friends in Lebanon, a young man attends the university. He is doing well in his second year.  We heard early last week of his need for shoes - he literally had none and was forced to borrow from a classmate.  So, on Tuesday, Natalia and Vitali will go shopping for shoes and other clothing items while we are in class.
  • While here, Ruby had the privilege of naming a baby who was born in the baby hospital here and left there by her 15 year old birthmother. Her name is Melana Grace and just before they left, we heard she has a heart problem. Natalia and I will visit the baby hospital tomorrow and Natalia will make arrangements for her to be transported to the capital for tests.
  • David and I have classes all afternoon at the university.

  • We will meet with the university president to discuss their needs for the fall and how we might fit into the picture here in September.
  • David will possibly have meetings, but it is too soon to know.
  • We plan to have dinner with some special friends.  As we prepare to leave, one of the precious memories we experience is spending time with friends.

  •  We will go to see "Jessica's family" in the morning.  The oldest daughter is in need of eye surgery and through the gift of a special friend in West Chester, we will be able to share in this need.
           Ruby and Medina, who needs the surgery, on home renovation day.
  • David and I finish our university classes on Thursday and will truly miss these fine young students.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Just too soon to know, however, a few things are planned. We will be going to Bishkek on Friday for dental work for Natalia and again on Sunday as David will be speaking at a church there.

Our love and admiration for our friends here deepens with each trip that we are here.  Our prayer is that in some small measure, we have blessed them as they have, indeed, blessed us.

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