Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another Journey

We believe that God gives each one of us a life message. For over 25 years, a part of our message has been focused on building healthy adoptive families, supporting foster families, adoptive families and professionals. We leave this afternoon for another journey - to New Zealand. This privilege has been in the calendar for over18 months, and we are excited and humbled by the opportunity. 

Both of us will be speaking at the ICANZ adoption conference in Aukland and presenting a full day of training to social workers as well. It will be fun to meet new people, hear their stories and hopefully, support them in their work and with their families.

We return on June 10 and plan to be home for most of the summer preparing for our September return to our dear friends in Krygyzstan.

Thank you for your interest and support...the journey continues

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Tracy said...

Have a great time in a beautiful country!

Please call me so we can get together when you return.