Friday, April 9, 2010

Pictures from the rioting

It is a quiet Friday afternoon and we are reflecting on how the world changed here for us in one day.  We are still extremely cautious being out, just because we have been told to be.  There is an eery sense of quietness. The streets, usually noisy and bustling with traffic are not busy.  There are people out, but far less than just days ago.  Stores are closed, the bazaar, which is the main shopping center of town is closed.  We are fine with what we are able to purchase, but finding food for many will increasingly become difficult.

We wanted to tour our town yesterday, but the driver that was going to take us around changed his mind and didn't feel safe.  However, as usual, John, our dear friend from Canada found a way around and was able to take pictures. The pictures here are within a short walking distance from where we live.  Please visit John's blog for the pictures and a precious story.  Scroll down the page past his latest entry.

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Sue said...

Jayne and David
Woke up thinking of you. Keeping you in my prayers. Stay safe !