Monday, April 26, 2010

A Brief Note

This has been an incredible week in Ukraine as all of us participated in the first adoption conference over the weekend.  On Monday, we met with the International Leadership and Development Center board here as we are planning for the next week. ILDC has been conducting trainings for social workers, families and orphan caregivers for a number of years here and has earned a respected position with government and local NGO's.

It is quiet this morning as we prepare to leave for a four day training trip to Poland. We will be meeting with and conducting workshops for social workers in adoption during the day and workshops in the evening for families.  As a partner with ILDC, it is exciting to represent this organization in a new country.

By the way, LAMb, a founding organization of ILDC has just launched their new website.  To find out more, visit Also visit their blog -  and John and Julie Wright's blog -

We return home to Krygyzstan on Sunday morning, We do understand that things are somewhat better there, but there are pockets of chaos around the country.  Please continue to pray for our precious friends there and the work that has been established.

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