Sunday, April 18, 2010


The pictures above from an awards event. They are of our daughter, Kristy and her husband, Rick Matheson, the award recipients and a picture of Kristy with the award.

Last Friday night, Springfield, Ohio, North High School had an honors banquet and presentation.  The occasion was to present 10 former students dating back to 1950 with the DISTINGUISHED ALUMNAI AWARD. This award was presented to those persons whom the selection committee had decided had made significant social and humanitarian contributions since their graduation. 

Jayne was one of those chosen.  Since we are out of the country and could not attend the banquet, presentation and other activities surrounding the event, our daughter, Kristy and her husband Rick, were there to receive the award for Jayne.  We are very grateful to them for being there and representing the family so well and honorably. 

I have included some pictures above from last Friday night, April 16.  Thank you for allowing me to honor someone very special to me and to so many others.

Thank you and may God bless all of you….The Journey Continues



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Tracy said...

Brag on! Well deserved recognition.