Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The National Media Day

Before I show you pictures of the events of this day, I want to say that I am extremely humbled by this awesome opportunity – not only to have a book translated into another language, but to have the privilege in participating in the release of it on a national level in Ukraine. The publication of the book was a joint project of the Institute for Human Services in Columbus, Ohio and Holt International of Ukraine.

National Adoption Day
September 30 is National Adoption Day and in honor of that day, Holt International Services hosted a national media event to recognize the day. The purpose of the day was to introduce adoptive families, to recognize the national government and non-government officials working in adoption and to announce the release of Telling the Truth to Your Adopted Child, the Field Guide to Child Welfare by Ron Hughes and Judy Rycus and the Step by Step Parenting Series by Lynn and Ruby Johnston and others.

Let the pictures tell the story….

Highlighting the joys of adoptive parenting and the need for adoptive families brought these two families to the event to share their beautiful stories.

This mom shared a poem she wrote to her new daughter.

This couple, having already raised biologial children, felt called to increase their family. What a awesome sight!

We arrived to the rush of setting up TV cameras for this national event.

Participanting in this event were left to right, Alonya, Director of Holt International of Ukraine, Lydmilla, Director of the National Adoption Program for Ukraine and Uri, the head of the Ministry Department of Family, Youth and Sports, like our cabinet positions.

Rulsan, in the center, is the Vice President of Father's House in Kiev, one of the most effective organizations in Urkaine, finding homes for children in need of a permanent family.

Ruby shares ILDC's publications which have been in Ukraine, Russia and Kgyzstan - the Field Guide for Children Welfare and....

the Step by Step Parenting Series.

Ruby announces the release of Telling the Truth.

We all shared in the excitement. Betsy Smalley, on the far right is my co-author.

Signing books after the event.

Again, we are so apprecitive to those who arranged this incredible event. Our next blog will be from Tokmok, Krygyzstan.

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Julie and John Wright said...

Jayne I am so proud of you guys... I could easly lose heart if I did not know that real change was around the corner, and you guys are giving the tools to make that change possible... I can't wait until you are here so we can put our shoulders to the plow.... Your friends in the village have been asking for you, and were so excited to here you are on your way...
See you soon .
Blessings john