Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stop for the One in Front of You

On the airplane ride here, I read a book given to me by my friend, Sherry Ballard. It was written by a missionary to Africa, Heidi Baker. In that book, she told of how she learned to "stop for the one in front of her" in terms of ministering to the needy.

Heidi compassionately related the story of walking down the street in an African village and passing a small boy huddled on the sidewalk. She felt God telling her to stop and minister to that boy. She did and as it turned out, the boy was a street child, an orphan. That was the first orphan child their ministry touched and from that one touch, they were called to build a many orphanages in Africa.

Well, yesterday, David and John felt compelled to "stop for the one in front of them." They were visiting a small village about 15 miles from town and a young mother brought her son to them.

He is a little fellow, around three and suffers from a severe cleft palette. Both David and John "stopped for this one."

Today, John consulted with a doctor regarding the needed surgery and will know on Monday what the cost of this restoration miracle will be. We will share in the cost. If God speaks to you regarding this young man's need, please visit John's Look for the USA donate button and put "village boy" in the donation line. Also, you can email us with any questions.

May we all learn to stop for the one in front of us....

This little fellow's entire future will be changed with restorative surgery.

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