Wednesday, July 30, 2008

David's Weekly Perspective - Experiencing God

Greetings from Kyrgyzstan and thank you for checking in.
I have read many times and many stories in the Book of Acts as to how the Holy Spirit led certain ones to go here, go there, do this, do that. This, I have found over many years of experiences, is not just what the Holy Spirit did, it is what He does – today – now. Sadly, to me, so much of our preaching and teaching tells and retells the story of what God has done and little note of what He is doing. As Terry Wardle says in his book, The Transforming Path, we have become accustomed to a “powerless faith.”
Jayne and I are experiencing the leadership of the Holy Spirit in a much deeper way here. We do not know where to go or what to do unless He shows up and directs us. He does and He is doing amazing, miraculous things.

Miracle One Update
Allow me to bring you up-to-date on three of these miracles. The first one is Pastor Elenya. She is home now with her children and pastoring her small church. She is doing very well after radical surgery on her jaw to remove a tumor the doctors were convinced was malignant. It was not. This surgery was paid for by you who read her story and responded to her need. She experienced God move - not just hear about how He can.

It was great to visit with Pastor Elenya and Veka today. She is doing well, with minimal pain. She told us today that she will not have reconstruction surgery because there are no doctors in the area who can do it. We didn't get to see Timothy. He was home taking a nap.
David prays a special blessing over Veka. She turns seven in September and really missed her mom during Elenya's month long hospital stay.
Elenya told us she was back to pastoring her church and working as the chaplain at the orphanage for disabled children. She told us everything is now normal for her. We rejoice!

Miracle Two Update
On July 11, we posted the story of Valera and Luba. Luba received emotional healing and Valera, seeing what had happened to his wife, asked me to come and see him. I did and had the privilege of leading him to faith in Christ. Two weeks later, during a training time I was conducting at the Foundation, Valera walked in grinning and much healthier. He had gotten a job at Mercy Foundation as a driver. We understand that he has not worked in years. His wife, Luba is so excited. We saw God move on this family – not just hear about how He can.
Valera and Luba both are rejoicing with God's intervention in their lives.
Getting ready to start the day's work as the newest driver for Mercy Foundation.

Miracle Three Update
Some time ago, we mentioned the village of Iskra which had been without water for five years. One evening while there with a group of other believers, we prayed that God would provide the resources to bring water to this village. The next day the answer came – a gift of money sufficient to dig the trench, lay the pipe and connect the line to a water source. On Friday, July 25th, the water started flowing. They experienced God move – not just hear about how He can.

John Wright gets ready to turn on the water in the village of Iskra. What a miracle that this all happened in less than six weeks.
On-Going Work
Jayne has held a number of seminars on child welfare issues for social workers in the area. When she does one, she gets asked to do several others somewhere else. We are looking forward to a busy month of August and September training in the area. Next week, we are going to Bishkek to meet with one of the national leaders regarding future training opportunities for the International Leadership and Development Center. All of this happens, not of our own effort, but by simply “showing up” and seeing what great things will happen next.

On a final note, we have a very special friend, Bekah Gibson, joining us for a month in the middle of August. We have known Bekah and her family for a number of years from our incredible days as pastor at West Carrollton Church of the Nazarene.

That this dynamic young lady would fly here at her own expense to work alongside of us is such an honor and privilege. I have studied the “power of presence” for many years and, truly, Bekah’s presence will make a good and godly impression.

What exactly will she, we, be doing? I do not know. That is yet to be revealed. We know that she comes with an open heart to allow God to direct her very special journey here.
Blessings, friends...the journey continues


Paula said...

Blessings friends! Thanks so much for the update on the miracles!!! All three have been on my prayer board and we're bathing you daily in prayer. We are so excited to hear of Bekah's journey.....adding to the prayer board. love paula & dave

Lisa B and Family said...

David and Jayne,
My husband and I will be in Bishkek on Aug 5 thru the 10th on a visit to meet a sweet baby girl at the Bishkek Baby House that we pray will one day be our newest daughter. We will be staying at the Silk Road Lodge.
I hope John Wright may have mentioned us as the sponsors of Altynai's tuition. I am hoping to meet with you while we are both in Bishkek next week so I can turn the money and a small gift for her over to you as per my conversations with John.
Jayne, I know you have visited the Kyrgyz Adoption group on Yahoo, I will look to contact you through there as well.