Friday, May 9, 2008

Picture Posting

We are ending another week here. Within the last seven days, there have been three holidays which closed everything. We enjoyed watching how they celebrated their festivals and will post pictures soon of those.

We will be adding pictures on as soon as I figure it out. There will be many pictures, soon:)

David preaches again on Sunday at the Chinese Church. We were there two weeks ago. Next week is a full week of meeting a number of orphanage directors and staff around the area.

One incredible meeting happened last Sunday night. We met John and Julie Wright and their daughters from Canada. They have an incredible ministry and we will post their link soon. They have been here a number of times on shorter missions, but are here now for six months. One interesting thing is that John is the host for adoptive families who come to their area to meet and pick up their children. We plan to talk soon on how we might help families who are here for a few weeks while waiting on their children. I am excited about that.

More to come this weekend, just wanted to show a few pictures of the many we have.

Prayer needs:
Luggage still missing
Of the many things we could be doing, we hear where God wants us to work


Butch & Tracy said...

HOw exciting that you may be helping parents like Butch and me!!! That would be a great help and maybe less exspensive than them staying in their own place.

I am praying that you will hear what God wants you to do clearly with out doubt it is from him. I also pray that your luggage comes in. I am proud of you both!

Tracy Snyder

rwientge said...

Your picture of Victory day looks like what Tiff describes in her blog for May 9....VE Day in Ukraine. Would love to hear some cultural cutoms etc. ~R