Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Confirmation

It is Friday morning, and we will be leaving for Krygyzstan on Sunday morning. It has been an incredible week of planning, packing, repacking....Amidst all the business of getting ready, God confirmed yet again that David and I are on the right path.

On Thursday morning, I had the opportunity to tape a radio program at Cedarville University related to the release of our new updated The Whole Life Adoption Book. As I was leaving the studio, the receptionist stopped me and asked me about our upcoming trip. She mentioned to me that a Cedarville prof, Dr. Andrew Wiseman, had been in Kyrgyzstan for over a year and now was back on campus. Of course, that caught my attention. I never dreamed I would have an opportunity to meet him, but the receptionist called his office and he "just happened" to be in.

What transpired in our short 30 conversation is to lenthy to mention here other than to say that as a result of this meeting, David and I will arrive in the country with a long list of contacts and information with which to begin our journey. In that small meeting room in a small town in Ohio, Dr. Wiseman and I were both stunned to learn that we know the same governmental official in Kyrgyzstan, a person with whom we will have some contact and perhaps be working with.

What I can say is that every day, God reminds us that He has planned every detail. We don't know the whole picture. But God knows. When I left early Thursday for Cedarville, I had no idea that Thursday would be a day like it was - a day for an extraordiary providential encounter. I didn't know, but He did.

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Over your jet lag yet? Have some shashlik for me!